Goddess Chic Social Shopping Circle

To say that I get bored easily, is an understatement! My mind is always working to deliver the best creative idea, to out do the previous (which are usually moments apart). I guess that’s why I thrive at the random spices of variety – which is my life. At any given moment, I could be in a meeting with top brands, discussing the best value that I need to give to you loves – travel, fashion, shopping, beauty; getting to the bottom of “the best and top whatever” spa, beauty and fashion review, tip, advice, places to visit and must-see/try experiences *breathe*, its all super random. I enjoy being a social good mom, and pillar to girls and women, helping them to see the Goddess within themselves. I love empowering them through creatively chic media, events, workshops, forums, trips and virtual shopping parties – socially (Goddess Gatherings).

And here we are, me sitting here writing this – and you, well reading…about how I took my passion for fashion & shopping – and turned it into a dream career!

I give you Goddess Chic…a social shopping circle for a cause, or as I call it…chic for a cause, continues to grow, as does the entire Goddess PR network! With partnerships with top brands (yes, there’s that term again) from A to Z, in fashion, beauty, travel and lifestyle – Goddess Chic offers it all. Keep your eyes peeled for the social media deals and flash sales – exclusive for members (as we are an elite sisterhood or sorority rather) – available on Pinterest, Tumblr, Facebook & Google+ so be sure to follow! There’s a new member of the Goddess Chic team – Zindigo – so check out that boutique, and don’t forget to sign up. It will mean tons of exclusive deals and discount codes for you!

We are also gearing up for our very first giveaway for 2014, and rumor has it…we are given away some pretty coveted chicness – *hint* think beauty, jewels and travel bliss! This week’s #MotivationMonday focuses on the blissful therapy that is shopping *squee*.

It’s all about getting social! You loves get to shop through great brands – with member’s discounts and perks – while simultaneously helping girls and women, who suffer abuse, domestic violence, bullying and homelessness – to find themselves. The money raised from each and every purchase – goes to curating invaluable activities that empower the love of “self” in these girls and women.

Here’s a chic, sneak peek at our top trending boutiques:


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