Who’s That Divine Woman of Your Dreams?

I have no regrets leaving corporate America – to venture on a path of self-love, independence and sufficiency! I got tired of people using me, to satisfy their own selfish need. I gave up taking orders from people who I knew without a doubt – held no flame to my abilities. No longer was I going to be subjected to a set amount of committed time, doing the same ole’ dead activities daily, being surround by an equally dead staff! Corporate America held no zest! Job after job, after learning everything I needed to learn – I exhausted my passion to continue.

Screenshot_2014-04-10-22-23-53-1My last experience was with an npo – an organization that is sworn to perform for the best interest of the people! Yet, every decision that was made – felt wrong for some reason. Then that glorious day came – and my boss showed her true form as an immature, petty, jealous and manipulative darkness of a woman. Her actions would have brought the streets of Brooklyn out – but one thing I’ve learned is that some wicked hearted individuals aren’t even worth the spit on the ground I walk on! Her time is coming soon, and it is greater than I could have ever imagined!


Today – exactly 3 months and some change later – I am on a mission to entrepreneurship…empowering girls and women to give up the limits of the mind – and retrain their brains to become creatively infinite. Become what you’ve always wanted to be! Stop striving to comfortably achieve middle class! Middle class my dear loves, is dead!

I read a great article, 10 Reasons You Have to Quit Your Job in 2014 – and my soul got up and rejoiced! No more do I worry about if I made the right decision! Now, I am scouring the globe to find like-minded women – who are willing to take a risk, and join me as I unite an army of divine women of power – each superb in her own way, each a business owner and CEO of her individual happiness. These women are flawlessly fierce in their skin, all their bills are paid, the kids are all doing well – and she needs for nothing, as she has officially joined entrepreneurship!

What day better than the present, to have a career in fashion, beauty (as a brand ambassador), travel  and style? What are you waiting for? I run two blogs, work with brand as an ambassador, freelance my pr skills, and operate a travel, shopping and events planning boutique. Being an entrepreneur is what I do best. More and more people are getting fired from their jobs! Now is YOUR time to quit – and join the upper class, where YOU belong! Middle class is gone and no one wants poor class!

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