First Two Weeks of Virtual Style School

Week 1virtual style school

The first week of Virtual Style School, and already I can see the transformation! It’s a habit of mine…and it happens to compliment my approach to living my life with style. My journey to discovering “me,” has been a very interesting one. My approach to the “everyday/norm” is different. I am no longer guessing about what works, nor am I fantasizing about what I desire! Instead, I am diving right in, getting to work on manifesting reality in everything I know I want!

This week, I learned that I am Sporty (core), Alluring Creative (universal)…as these are my 3 predominant styles based off of the Universal Style model. This will help me in creating my style boards and working with clients for their weddings, careers or event! I am also seeking inspiration through my favorite magazines and websites/blogs! I will be pinning these via my Pinterest Style File board.

Here’s what Virtual Style School taught me:

I am enthusiastic, trustworthy, serene, compassionate, enticing, unique, powerful! These words stood out to me during my personality profile assignment. My style recipe consists of

spiritual, vibrant, sensual, poised, fearless, radiant, attractive, sexy, exotic, healthy, opulent,feminine, organic, seductive, captivating, creative, vivacious, arty, innovative, stunning, sassy, magnetic, spicy, rich, original, effortless…”

The message I want to convey this year is that, Sapphire Kharyzma is:

Innovative and artistic. My most important style goal is to attract and engage others.

My strength embodied is generous, supportive and I like lots of options and freedom!!!

I also realize that I spend most of my time on personal business (entrepreneurship). I need to engage more in the other types of Style Activities highlighted in the course (one of my goals). Plus, my profession entails a little bit of everything…so, I was pretty much scattered all over the Style Profession activity – which helps you to better dress for practically any occasion, leaving me eclectic and versatile.

Module 1 is jam packed with lots of chic – to help you to discover what’s your overall style! The activities are fun and engaging. It helps me to visualize my creative style destination! So far – I am very excited to be a student of Marion Gellatly’s Virtual Style School.

Week 2

Who knew that the basics of color theory could be so insightful and amazing? It’s all about celebrating…and I cannot begin to tell how me, stepping into the new version of me…is an awesome reason to celebrate! It’s about what fits and what doesn’t! It’s all about the effortless accomplishments in defining one’s style expression!

It’s about versatile coordination! Color enhances and compliments, excites, demands attention, stimulates, quiets – an important component in expressing you, and your mood! As the artist of your life – your are in charge of creating collages of fabrics, jewelry, makeup – and visually display your message – in unique harmony and mood, expressing your signature style. I even mastered applying color theory to my shopping experiences.

My color temp matches my value pattern…fits my personality, compliments my mood, and suits my pro image goals:

My Color Temperature Pattern is: Warm

My Value (lightness/darkness of hue) Pattern is: Medium

My Contrast Level is: Medium to Low, even Combination

Now, I plan to use my hair color to inspire my choice in accessories and the basic foundational elements (enhancers) as shoes and handbags. Darker hair colors are more formal, and works best as basis for mascara, brows and eye shadows…

Yellow tone and blonde hair needs to relate to skin tone…so to keep in harmony, with golds and bronze, which works well!

Purple, violet, royal blue, light blue, hot pink, mint green, coral, gold – are the 8 colors I adore and would love to wear. I am pushing myself out beyond my comfort zone. I am stepping “stylishly” into myself – and to be honest, I am having a blast!

Stay tuned for Week 3, where I am going to learn to understand my body and what fits and looks best on me, TODAY (always live in the now, only plan for the future as the past…is just that)! Module 2 taught me the amazing universal asset that “color” truly is. It should be the guide that vividly displays your mood. This is why thinking positive is extremely important to living your BEST. I learned how to accurately and creatively display a message I want to express. I also have an outline, by season, of key pieces to vamp up and keep fresh – my wardrobe – tailored to express my true essence!

Virtual Style School: Marion Gellatly – Fashion Blog

For women who are bored with their wardrobe, dread getting dressed in the morning, and are not happy with what they see in the mirror, now there’s a perfect solution: Powerful Presence’s Virtual Style School …

Pssst…I would love if you could share your thoughts about what you think about style – in the comment section below!

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