My Body Shape & Fit in Virtual Style School

Week 3

This week, I got better acquainted with my body. I learned what factors influence which styles better suit my body. These factors include my horizontal/vertical body type, bone structure, scale, height, weight, neck length, age, bust, problem areas and more. I learned that line, shape, color, texture and pattern – are my five elements of design!

Using the five elements of design, unleash your style and beauty potential, adding another important piece to your Style discovery puzzle. – Marion Gellatly

I have long legs and a short torso (meaning that my legs are longer than my torso) and my focus, for flawless fits – should be to elongate my torso’s appearance (including 7 tips to do so). to balance with legs.

My horizontal body type is “hourglass,” which Marion describes as the “perfect figure.” I have proportionally large shoulders and hips, highlighted by a skinnier waistline. This is determined by the difference in circumference between bust, waist and hip. There are 6 recognizable horizontal figures. I also learned 4 chic slimming techniques for my body type; even how to add and reduce width to my bottom!

Virtual Style School has already boosted my approach to selecting items for my wardrobe, from color, body, personal style, to empowering my approach to style, my image and becoming the woman I see in my dreams everyday! I am keeping a style file and diary – making sure to coordinate my entire looks, daily. Of course my mood plays an enormous role in setting the scene, but thanks to Marion Gellatly and Virtual Style School, I am armed with more weapons to help me make the best choices for myself.

CandI by Goddess Chic will be launching it very first pop-up shop/Goddess Gathering, Passport to a Moroccan Paradise and I hope you can join us! It’s the perfect opportunity to shop our newest summer collections with your friends, scoring amazing jewelry to adorn your next great “experience.” All while taking advantage of free chic style consultations, guests will walk away very satisfied, and hopefully more aware of what it takes to be YOU! This particular Sip-N-Style event will last the entire month of June! More deets coming soon!!!

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